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Key facts

Population: 11.3m (2016)
Official languages: Dutch (official) 60%, French (official) 40%, German (official) less than 1%). Wallonia is the French-speaking region of southern Belgium Flanders is the Dutch-speaking northern region of Belgium.
Currency: Euro (€)
Important ministries:The Department for Education and Training (for Flemish community)  L'enseignement en Communauté Française, Unterrichtswesen
Official statistics office: Statistics Beligum
Trade associations: Association des Éditeurs Belges and is the umbrella association of the Flemish publishing business with more than 400 publishers, booksellers and book importers as members of one or other of the Flemish trade associations Flemish Publishers Association (Vereniging Vlaamse Boekverkopers) United Importers Books (VBI). Flemish booksellers Association etc.
Translation programmes:  Promotion des Lettres  supports the                     translation of the literary works of the authors of the Wallonia-Brussels         Federation and Flanders Literature  for works of Flemish authors.
Annual Book Fair: Antwerp Book Fair  is organised by and held in October/November and the Brussels Book Fair  is held between February and March.
VAT on books:  6% print 21% ebooks (NB: Belgium government voted to reduce to vat on be books to 6% in June 2016 but on  resolution so may not change).
Fixed book price system: No


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