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Policy and Parliament

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The Publishers Association works to ensure the value of publishing and the contribution it makes to the UK economy and the wider society is understood by politicians, civil servants and political opinion formers.  We do this using a variety of tools from briefing relevant ministers, officials and MPs and responding to consultation papers to holding events and receptions and working with other partners and organisations in the creative industries.  

We are currently focused on the promotion of five measures which are not only important to ensuring the continued success of the UK publishing industry but will also help the government achieve its aims across a range of areas. We hope that all MPs, future Ministers and advisers and civil servants will give them careful consideration.

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1. Maximum possible access to the EU single market after Brexit and strong free trade agreements which recognises UK publishing’s position as a global leader.

2. A strong intellectual property framework at home and abroad.

3. All publicly funded schools to dedicate a proportion of their budgets on providing textbooks.

4. No tax on books and learning.

5. Every school to have a well-resourced library.

Please click on the image on the left to see a full copy of our  manifesto.