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Textbooks Identified as Important to Reducing Teacher Workload

Textbooks Identified as Important to Reducing Teacher Workload


30th March 2016

The Publishers Association has welcomed the Report of the Independent Teacher Workload Review Group: Eliminating unnecessary workload around planning and teaching resources.

Commenting Colin Hughes, Chair of The PA’s Education Publishers Council, said:

“This important report puts a spotlight on those things which are contributing unnecessarily to teachers’ workload and highlights ways in which this could be minimised. We are delighted that high quality resources, including textbooks, are seen as central to reducing workload, ensuring teachers do not have to reinvent the wheel and spend unnecessary time trawling the internet for suitable materials.

“The value teachers place in curated resources in improving standards was identified in our recent research. Addressing negative cultural attitudes which have been holding back their usage in schools, as acknowledged in the Report, will go a long way to ensuring teachers have the confidence to request and use the resources they believe will have the greatest impact.”