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PA Calls for UK Publishers to Go Back to School

PA Calls for UK Publishers to Go Back to School

12th January 2015

The Publishers Association (“The PA”) is calling on people working in publishing to give careers talks in schools, colleges and universities, and share the exciting job opportunities available in the industry. 

Publishers are conscious of the need to attract a wider range of people so that its workforce remains innovative, dynamic and successful. In order to do this, young people need to know about publishing, and the wide range of jobs and opportunities on offer; how the term ‘publishing’ can represent: consumer, academic, professional, educational, children’s, apps and ebooks and much more. 

Emma House, The PA’s Director of Publisher Relations said: “One of the challenges we have is that young people are simply not aware of publishing as a career option.  We hope by encouraging those already working in publishing to visit their own, or local, school, we hope to start addressing this.”  

To get involved, people are being asked to volunteer as publishing ambassadorswith their local schools. This can be done be contacting schools, colleges or universities in their local area or previously attended by the person. Alternatively it will be possible to register on the PA’s People Database to receive updates on upcoming opportunities to give hold a session. 

To make such visits as easy as possible, The PA has created a wide variety of digital resources accessible via Dropbox.  The resources can be tailored and adapted to suit the user’s style and content. They include: 

·         PowerPoint presentations

·         Scripts

·         Leaflets

·         Tips for presenters 

For more information please contact Seonaid MacLeod.