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Francis Gurry, WIPO, to boost stellar line-up of copyright speakers at International Congress, April 2016

Francis Gurry, WIPO, to boost stellar line-up of copyright speakers at International Congress, April 2016

1st February 2016

Copyright in publishing will be a key theme at the Congress 

 Francis Gurry, Director General of Geneva-based World Intellectual Property Organisation, is confirmed to speak at the 31st International Publishers Congress in London in April 2016. 

He will speak on a panel chaired by Paul Doda, Chair of the IPA Copyright Committee. The panel entitled “Global Trends in Copyright: Fair Use and Beyond” will also include renowned copyright lawyer Jon Baumgarten, retired partner of the Proskauer law firm and former General Counsel of the US Copyright Office. 

Paul Doda said: “Copyright is the foundation of publishing and international cooperation is vital to any successful implementation. I am pleased to bring together the Director General of WIPO and a former General Counsel of the US Copyright Office to discuss the most pressing current issues, in what will no-doubt be a fascinating panel and discussion with an audience of senior international publishers.” 

Francis Gurry is an Australian lawyer who has served as Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) since October 1, 2008. He holds law degrees from the University of Melbourne, a Ph.D from the University of Cambridge and is an honorary professor of, and holds honorary doctorates from, universities in a wide range of countries. He is the author of a number of publications, one of which has become a standard legal text in the UK and is published by Oxford University Press as Gurry on Breach of Confidence. 

Jon Baumgarten is a renowned copyright law, litigation and policy lawyer who was appointed General Counsel of the United States Copyright Office in January 1976. Jon was a leading participant in the final formulation of the general revision of the U.S. Copyright Act and was responsible for the novel and comprehensive rulemakings and thorough overhaul of all Copyright Office regulations and practices required under the new law. Jon returned to private practice in 1980. 

In addition to this panel, Richard Malka, a French lawyer specialising in media law who has been the lawyer for newspaper Charlie Hebdo since 1992, will give a presentation on “2015, the end of copyright – Taking for free is stealing”. Based on his essay which prompted the French Publishers Association to launch a communication campaign aiming at raising the awareness of the general public in France in September 2015. 

The Congress runs from 9-12 April 2016 and will take place at The London Book Fair for the first time. Delegates will hear from international figures from the worlds of publishing, copyright and business from over 17 countries, alongside keynotes from influential authors Philip Pullman and Alaa Al-Aswany. 

The Congressisorganised by the International Publishers Association in partnership with the UK Publishers Association and The London Book Fair. The comprehensive programme will address the key policy and practical issues of the day for publishers. 

The programme, strategically timed to coincide with The London Book Fair, ensures that delegates will not only benefit from the Congress but also a curated agenda throughout LBF. 

Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) is the official Gold Sponsor and Nielsen is the official Sliver Sponsor for the 31st International Publishers Congress. 

Programme for IPA Congress delegates:

  • Saturday 9 April: Day 1: Networking reception
  • Sunday 10 April: Day 2: Publishing Now: Creativity, Anti-Censorship, Commerce
  • Monday 11 April: Day 3: Quantum: Publishing & So Much More
  • Tuesday 12 April: Day 4: The London Book Fair, Research & Scholarly Publishing Forum, or What Works?: Education Publishing Conference 

The International Publishers Congress delegates will also have a VIP experience of The London Book Fair as well as the opportunity to attend other seminar sessions, a cocktail reception in Britain’s flagship bookstore, a Gala Dinner and invites to cinema screenings and author events across London. 

To find out how to attend and to view the full programme, please visit: