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The PA Blog offers views and insights into topical issues and trends which are affecting the publishing industry.

  • CollinH.jpg Books Ain't Dead - Long Live the Adaptive Platform28th April 2015, 'And what do you do for a living?' 'Well, I publish textbooks.' 'Really? That must be a struggle now you can get it all free online? 28/04/2015
  • RM blog post What May May Bring?24th April 2015, We are less than two weeks away from the general election and with the polls stubbornly refusing to betray a preference for either of the two main parties, those on the fringe... 24/04/2015
  • RM blog post A Perfect Storm26th March 2015, A perfect storm is brewing in Brussels. On 6th May the European Commission will publish its long awaited White Paper on the Digital Single Market. 26/03/2015
  • Our New Website19th March 2015, The appearance of a website is a pretty good indicator of its year of provenance, with the design cues and functionality of a site acting like annular rings on a tree stump. 20/03/2015
  • PA Blog 2014Catch up on the PA's views and commentary from 2014. 05/03/2015
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