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New award to celebrate the success of books as an inspiration for films, TV and games

New award to celebrate the success of books as an inspiration for films, TV and games

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The integral role books play within the creative industries as an inspiration for plays, films, TV and games will be recognised by a new award created by London Book & Screen Week and the UK Publishers Association.

The Creativity across Media: Excellence & Originality Awards (CAMEOS) will be open to entrants from the UK and will recognise some of the biggest adaptation success stories across four main categories:

  • Book to Film Award   
  • Book to Game Award
  • Book to Stage Award
  • Book to TV Award

The awards will coincide with this year’s London Book & Screen Week (13-19 March 2017), kick starting the seven day series of events celebrating books and the films, TV programmes and virtual worlds they inspire. With the creative industries now worth £84.1 billion per year to the UK economy, it will be a chance to recognise some of the most exciting contributions from individuals across the sector, from authors to directors, agents, publishers and producers.

Jacks Thomas, Director of London Book & Screen Week, said:

“Books and the worlds they inspire sit at the heart of the creative industries which are a driving force of the British economy. We are delighted to launch the inaugural Creativity Across Media: Excellence and Originality Awards (CAMEOS) on the eve of our third London Book & Screen Week to coincide again with The London Book Fair (LBF). These awards , with the book firmly at the heart, will recognise the range and depth of talent across the creative sector, identifying the inspiring individuals who play their part in creating some of the most successful film, games, TV and stage adaptations; telling stories, thrilling and transforming lives here and across the globe.”

Stephen Lotinga, CEO of the Publishers Association, said:

“Books are at the centre of the creative sector, with their value extending far beyond the enjoyment and knowledge they impart on those who read them. Books have inspired Oscar-winning films, and have also been the inspiration for critically acclaimed TV shows from the Night Manager to Game of Thrones as well as theatre hits and the virtual worlds explored by gamers. These awards aim to celebrate the integral role books play in the creative eco-system, and the range of talented people which help create them.”