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Penguin Random House celebrates World Book Day

Penguin Random House celebrates World Book Day


900 staff volunteers will take part in volunteering activities during the morning of World Book Day.

Colleagues will be presented with three different options to choose from, under the #ShareAStory overall theme. They will volunteer in small groups in:

Early Years settings: primarily libraries and children’s centres. Colleagues will deliver a storytelling activity using a toolkit which we will create in-house. This will focus around one or two key titles (which won’t be titles on the World Book Day list).

Primary Schools: colleagues will deliver a bookish quiz - again focused on titles which are not on the World Book Day list and using a pre-prepared toolkit.

Secondary Schools: colleagues will deliver an interactive workshop focusing on introducing publishing as a career option.

There will be a book gifting element as an incentive for schools and libraries to engage with us. For schools, this will be a donation to their school library.

Penguin Random House is focusing efforts on ten communities across London – both our local communities (Vauxhall, Holborn & St Pancras, Ealing) and the most ‘literacy vulnerable’ areas according to recent research by the NLT (including Barking, Hackney South, and Camberwell)
engage constituency MPs and potentially a couple of high profile authors by inviting them to join us for the morning
keen to encourage both parents, children and teachers we engage with to redeem their Book Tokens.