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Equality in Publishing (EQUIP)

EQUIP Equality in Publishing

Equality in Publishing (EQUIP) is a membership organisation hosted and funded by the Publishers Association and the Independent Publishers Guild to promote inclusivity across UK publishing, bookselling and agenting, by driving forward change and increasing access to opportunities within the industry.

We do this by:

  1. Working with publishers, trade associations, schools, universities and colleges promoting publishing as a career.
  2. Supporting its members with information and advice and hosting seminars and events.
  3. Conducting research into workforce development, equality and diversity.
  4. Providing best practice and case studies to instigate change in employer policies and actions.

  • AboutEquality in Publishing continues the work of the Diversity in Publishing Network (Dipnet), which was established by Elise Dillsworth and Alison Morrison in 2004.
  • CharterIn November 2012, EQUIP launched the Publishing Equalities Charter – an initiative unique to the publishing industry. The Charter's aim is to create a network of businesses with a commitment to equality and diversity in publishing. It is an opportuni
  • JoinEQUIP works on two platforms: with Charter members, organisations that have signed up to this charter; and Network members, individuals who support, receive information or attend events, and who EQUIP support in return.
  • Take actionThere are a number of ways that EQUIP Charter signatories can take action to improve inclusivity and diversity in their organisation.
  • Charter MembersCharter members are organisations that have signed up to the EQUIP charter.