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Top Tips from publishers

Editorial Director

Isheeta Mustafi, RotoVision

Publishing suits people who are passionate and energetic, so show enthusiasm and a genuine interest in the books you could be working on.

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 Head of Digital and Social Media

Nick Coveney, Kings Road Publishing

Be proactive and play to your strengths. Don't settle for 'any job'.

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Digital Marketing Manager

Helena Sheffield, HarperCollins

When you're applying to that first job, think commercially. Prove you're aware that Publishing is a business like anything else. Why are you an asset to that business? How can you help it drive sales? This could help give you the edge over other applicants.


Communications Executive

Louisa Ackermann, Cambridge University Press

My top tip for people aspiring to get into publishing is to be open to all different kinds of jobs, and to research the various different roles on offer. Editorial and marketing are the first roles people think of, but there’s so much more that goes into keeping a publishing house running! You could work in production, or design, or rights, or operations… or like me, in corporate communications. There’s interesting jobs to be found in every corner of publishing.

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