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Temping, A Popular Choice With Publishers

Temping, A Popular Choice With Publishers

27th November 2015

As interns, you are developing the skills for the new publishing age and are the new stars of the publishing industry. This is where temping can be a great next step.   

The Temps team at Atwood Tate can help you take that next step. 

Publishers often use temporary workers when they have a series of projects with urgent deadlines and need an extra pair of hands. They also require temps to cover holiday, sickness and maternity leave. Temp assignments can range from team assistant roles in Editorial, Marketing, Production, rights and also PAs and can range from a few days to several months. Sometimes, temp roles can also lead to permanent opportunities. 

As well as more experienced workers, publishers often hire interns as  temps as they now have some understanding of and experience in the industry, good office and IT skills  as well as the ability to use many of the publishing systems and also good social media skills and an understanding of online publishing. 

Publishers often hire temps via a recruitment agency as most of these roles are urgent and start the next day. 

At Atwood Tate we register a number of candidates who are keen to temp with skills our clients can use and who are immediately available. We can then turn to our temps pool and contact you with the next urgent temping request most suitable to your skills and experience. Most often, clients won’t interview for temp roles. They will select a CV with the skills they need and just invite you in to work for them. If you are invited to interview, these are less formal and tend to be about 30 minutes in length. 

When you register with Atwood Tate, we can explain the whole temping process to you also offer advice on your CV, writing a cover letter and even interview tips. 

The relationship you have with your recruiter does not have to stop with one assignment.  You may get another internship or work for someone else.  You can build a relationship with your recruiter and when your next assignment is due to end, you can call your recruiter again so they can keep you in mind for more work. 

For those of you who have never considered temping as an option or even a possibility, feel free to contact Kellie Millar and Alison Redfearn who will be happy to answer your questions and take a look at your CV.