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Who We Are

Who We Are

The Publishers Association represents the interests of UK publishers across trade, education and academic publishers. Our members publish academic journals, text books for higher, secondary and primary education, fiction, non-fiction, children’s and learning resources.

As a whole the industry contributes over £4.4bn to the UK economy with digital revenues contributing 32% and export sales accounting for 43%.
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Our objectives as an association are to:  

  • Represent the large majority of UK publishing by turnover, growing membership across sectors year on year  
  • Promote the intellectual property agenda, leading the debate in digital and   other arenas, and working to ensure that IP laws are enforced
  • Proactively define policy positions in consultation with members, and consistently deliver on them in the public affairs arena and with other relevant stakeholders
  • Explain the value of UK publishing in economic, cultural, scientific, educational and social terms, strongly communicating the role of and value added by publishers in a changing environment
  • Provide a broad range of first rate information to members and other stakeholders in the global marketplace
  • Guide and support the industry through technological change; and develop standards across the industry and up and down the supply chain where this will improve the sector’s competitiveness
  • Operate in a professional and effective manner