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Who We Are

Who We Are

The Publishers Association represents the interests of UK publishers across consumer, education and academic publishing. Our members publish academic journals, textbooks for higher, secondary and primary education, fiction, non-fiction, children’s and learning resources.

As a whole the industry contributes over £4.8bn to the UK economy with digital revenues contributing 35% and export sales accounting for 54%.

Our objective as an association is to provide our members with the influence, insight and services necessary to compete and prosper.

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Influence – voice of the industry

We are stronger when we speak with one voice and better able to influence decisions in the UK, EU and internationally.

We build relationships of trust with those in government, the media and others who influence them. We make sure the right decisions are made and implemented effectively.

Insight – understanding the wider world

Our members need the best possible information about the changing world around them and support in managing the impact upon their businesses.

We ensure the publishing industry is able to respond to new political, regulatory and business requirements by always keeping our members informed about the changing environment in which they operate. 

Services – return on investment

We want every single publisher to know that membership of the PA is worth every penny they give us and in their long-term financial interests. Part of that means providing certain products and services that makes membership even more beneficial to their businesses as it saves them money.

Our focus is on bringing our members together where they have a common interest to pursue collectively beneficial activities, saving them money, and ensuring we best support their business needs.